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Since April 2020, the DIVI intensive care register has been recording the free and occupied treatment capacities in intensive care medicine in around 1,300 acute hospitals in Germany on a daily basis. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, current case numbers of COVID-19 patients treated in intensive care have also been recorded. The register makes it possible to identify bottlenecks in intensive care care in a regional and temporal comparison. The DIVI intensive register thus creates a valuable basis for reaction and data-supported action control in real time.

Note: The daily report has no longer been created since July 13, 2023. You can find the daily reports up to and
including July 12, 2023 in the edoc-archive.
However, daily data collection in the intensive care register remains unchanged.
Continuous information on the current situation in intensive care units in Germany is still available, updated daily,
in the time series or the country table. In addition, data from the intensive care register will continue
to be published daily on GitHub
The data on GitHub also replaces the daily data CSV.





Blog entries

June 14, 2023

Since June 14, 2023, the data CSVs of the intensive care register have been made available exclusively via the RKI
Github page: https://github.com/robert-koch-institut/Intensivkapazitaeten_und_COVID-19-Intensivbettenbeehrung_in_Deutschland.
This essentially changes the place of publication. Data collection and provision continues to occur daily to the usual extent.

December 21, 2022

Since December 21, 2022, there have been two innovations in our data provision:

  1. In the time series representations (Current situation > Time series) you will now find a separate representation of the neonatological (NICU) and pediatric (PICU) intensive care areas for children.
  2. TheCSV files of the time series at federal state and Germany level available in the download area now contain an additional column: Treatment Focus_Level_2 .In the time series at Germany level, this serves to provide separate data for children's intensive care units according to NICU and PICU.If “Children” is specified in the Treatment Focus column , you will find “NICU” or “PICU” under Treatment Focus_Level_2 .The federal state time series continues to reflect adult capacities.

Note: If you would like to receive the data for all child registration areas together at Germany level, you must add the information for PICU and NICU.

November 10, 2022

The data on the vaccination status of newly admitted COVID-19 patients in intensive care units in the intensive care register has no longer appeared in the RKI's weekly report since the beginning of November, but has been published as part of the monthly report on "Monitoring COVID-19 vaccinations in Germany". , see also www.rki.de/covid-19-impfbericht. The current report was published on November 3, 2022.

January 17, 2022

Press information on vaccination status results

The vaccination status of newly admitted COVID-19 patients in intensive care units has been recorded in the intensive care register since mid-December.

You can now find the first results in the press release available here .

Future vaccination status numbers from the intensive care register can be found in the RKI's COVID-19 weekly report , where they will be published regularly from January 20, 2022. (Please note that the press release incorrectly stated January 21st.)

Further information can also be found in the following FAQ:

October 27, 2021

New time series for initial admissions

Another time series has been added. The time series “Number of reported initial ICU admissions of COVID-19 cases” is now online and can be found in the Time Series tab. The data for the initial recordings is provided in the CSV “Federal/State Data” in the Downloads tab .

The “Reports” tab is now called “ Downloads ”.